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PPC for Contractors

Are you ready to quickly bring in more leads for your construction company? PPC is one of the best, quickest digital marketing strategies for generating more qualified leads! PPC is the way forward if you need a digital marketing strategy that fits your rapid growth.

We’re the experts when it comes to running digital marketing campaigns. Through our advertising, we’ve generated over $2,000,000 in inked projects. For more help with contractor PPC, get in touch with us today!

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We love marketing for construction companies, and using paid ads can be a great way to drive more sales to your business. Let’s dive into how our PPC services perfectly fit your construction company!

What is PPC Advertising?

PPC stands for pay-per-click advertising. It’s a form of marketing where you pay for the number of people that click on your ad.

Paid search advertising is a great way to generate leads quickly. With the right PPC ad campaign, you can flood yourself with leads!

It’s typically used when you want to acquire many potential clients at a low cost per click.

We will guide you through using contractor PPC marketing campaigns for the maximum ROI on your advertising spend (also called ROAS).

With us, we help you target the right keywords that maximize your return, often bringing in tens of thousands of dollars.

We’ve been able to lure high-quality leads into our sales funnel and convert them, leaving more money on your bottom line. Want us to help manage your PPC campaigns? Let’s talk!

To understand why we love creating PPC ads so much, let’s discuss how and why they work.

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How PPC Ads Work

The first thing that happens is an advertiser sets up a campaign. This is typically done with Google Ads and Facebook Ads. We work with you to define your target audience, perform keyword research, narrow down demographics, and set an advertising budget.

During the PPC campaign, we automatically bid on placements for your target keywords.

Once the ad is displayed, the user can choose to click on the advertisement. Then, they get redirected to your sales funnel.

This is where we build landing pages with tons of content that hit your customers’ pain points, with testimonials and other social proof showing you’re the industry professional. This makes it easier for new clients to trust you.

Then, we are charged when a user clicks on the ad. This is called the cost-per-click (CPC).

After the dust settles, we can reevaluate our advertising campaign and determine how well we did.

Since we’ve run marketing for construction companies before, we know what works for PPC campaigns and make a custom campaign for your company.

Why PPC Ads Work

PPC advertising campaigns work because we can split test and refine our strategy depending on the types of leads that you get after the campaign is over.

Through custom landing pages, social proof, and more, we guarantee you’ll bring in at least 1 new project per campaign.

These strategies have been time-tested, and we’ve spent thousands of dollars to make sure the strategies we’re using work.

We’d love to help you determine if PPC marketing is a proper fit for where your company is in its growth. Get in touch with us to discuss more options for your business!

When to Use a PPC Marketing Campaign

You can reach customers actively searching for your services by targeting relevant keywords. Everyone wants to know about good construction companies, and we’ll help you get in front of those people!

If you have a seasonal or promotion idea, we can create targeted ads highlighting the offer and increasing online visibility. This leads to more business when you get slow.

With PPC, construction companies can target their ads to appear in certain regions, ensuring they reach customers in their desired areas.

When you take on another service in your business, PPC can be a great way to get the word out and build your client base.

Through PPC, we can generate more qualified leads quicker than with SEO. Appearing organically in search engines is very important, and PPC can expedite the process.

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Best Reasons to Use PPC in Your Construction Company

So you’re a construction company looking to increase your marketing efforts to get more customers. That’s awesome! Your head is in the right place.

PPC is an invaluable tool as part of your digital marketing efforts. Our contractor PPC management is top notch! Let’s discuss why you should care about this form of advertising.

Once you turn on your campaign, you’ll start to notice a steady stream of customers. We can monitor this traffic through Google Analytics and other tools to determine what sticks.

If the campaign is done right, you could get a massive amount of customers within the same day that you turn it on!

It's quick!

Since we can track everything about the advertising campaign, we can refine the messaging to generate more leads. It helps us eliminate the tire kickers and people who are wasting time.

Our landing pages are optimized around conversions so that whenever a customer decides they’re interested, it’s one click away!

It gets more reliable leads!

Our clients get an extremely high return on ad spend (ROAS). With our proven SEO efforts and PPC management, we can generate a massive pool of prospective customers.

You can turn on the fire hose by adding our other marketing tactics! Our SEO and social media advertising strategies have helped produce thousands of potential customers for other construction companies.

It's lucrative!

How to Hit Your Target Audience

The bottom line, your construction business needs a good marketing strategy. With our company working with yours, we can help hit your future customers!

We would love to give you more details on how our PPC management services are integral to your construction business!

Here’s exactly what we do to ensure we get more potential customers for your business.

When we begin working with you, our first step is determining what service you want to market. We deeply investigate your prospective customers’ psychological profiles to assess their pain points. From there, we create a specific offer that gets them to take action.

We work with you to learn more about your past customers and who you typically do business with. This helps us develop creative offers and highlight your company as the industry expert. Everyone wants to work with people they trust, so we build that into the advertising campaign from the start.

Thorough Customer Research

PPC works when an advertiser pays for someone to click on their ad. Many construction companies don’t know how to do PPC properly, so they send all the traffic to the home page of their website. What’s wrong with that? Well, it’s not matching search intent, and you just spend a bunch of money acquiring someone with no way of converting them.

With us, we create a custom landing page on your website specifically optimized for getting your customers to take action. This leads to a higher return on investment and helps us better target potential customers. Once the customer clicks on your ad, they go to a page specially designed for them to take action.

We also design landing pages that are mobile-friendly. Once a phone user visits your mobile-friendly website, they will see how great of a company you are. We want them to be familiar with your company culture and see what past customers have to say about your projects.

Once they take action, we have their information and can continue to extract value from them.

Custom Landing Pages

Most construction companies have one or two paragraphs that really explain what makes them so valuable. We take the time to understand your business goals for the advertising campaign and build pages with engaging content to help seal the deal.

With powerful branding and a no-pressure call to action, we expand your customer base significantly. Not only that, but our content marketing converts customers more than most other digital marketing companies.

Engaging Content

Frequently Asked Questions

Contractors should use PPC to get new business fast. It brings in qualified traffic by using relevant content from happy customers.

Contractors advertise their services with a lot of tactics. Many frequently-used marketing strategies consist of using social media platforms for social media marketing, local SEO, and paid ads to drive new business.

The marketing budget you set for your PPC campaign depends on your business goals. It can vary significantly since it depends on the cost per click for the keyword you’re targeting. A reasonable marketing budget would be around $500 to $1,000 monthly if you’re just starting off. You can scale your marketing budget if you want to get more leads in the door.

Some main channels to advertise PPC include social media sites and search engine results pages. These are where your target audience is, and we can help target them. Depending on what kind of digital marketing strategy you want to do, we can recommend the best options for your business.

One of the most common mistakes in PPC advertising for contractors is the failure to use custom landing pages. Since a lot of money is at risk, you must ensure you’re directing all that traffic to a page optimized for conversions.

There are a lot of other ways that contractors can advertise their services. Aside from search campaigns, contractors can market to past customers and ask for them to write reviews. Contractors can also market to existing customers through email marketing.

A Few Tips About PPC Marketing

If you really want to generate leads without spending a lot of money, focus on these three things:

  • Use SEO to enhance your online visibility. Appearing at the top of search results is a big deal; sometimes, your money would be better invested in SEO. PPC campaigns can get you a lot of business off the bat, but SEO is a longer effort. Once you appear in the search engine results, you can organically get more website traffic.
  • Get reviews from customers. By getting new reviews, you can drown out the effect that any negative reviews have.

  • Make content. Takes lots of pictures at your job sites for more content marketing applications. You can also record video content on your phone to show your potential customer the next time you’re on a sales call. It can also do well on social media!

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Since we’ve done marketing for construction companies before, we know what it takes to get leads in the door. Contact us today so we can build a custom proposal that’s a perfect fit for your business. It makes our jobs so much better when we can transform the lives of other contractors. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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