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Web Design for Contractors

So… you’re interested in getting a new website for your contracting business… congratulations, that’s awesome! You’ve already taken the first step towards wanting to grow your business into an empire.

We have an extensive background in digital marketing and web design, so we’d love to discuss the importance of web design for contractors. Our web design services are a perfect match for your unique construction company.

Let’s go through why web design for contractors is so complex and what you, as a business owner, need to understand about it. Then, we’ll discuss why we’re such a good fit for you!

A Disclaimer About Our Contractor Web Design Services

First, we must address one vital aspect: There is no substitute for good word of mouth and reputation. Be real. It’s a law of the universe.

If you do good work, more people will reach out to you. However, this can be a slow process. By using our digital marketing services, we can supercharge your website!

We’re not here to sell a website to someone who doesn’t see the value of it.

Why? First, we’re in this together. We want to see contractors who do good work get more.

Second, we’re confident we can get you in front of 10x more people than word of mouth, at a much larger scale, in a fraction of the time. We can bring in more potential clients, more customers, and more sales through your website.

One common aspect that all great companies have is a functional website. It’s a necessity for businesses nowadays. You don’t need to go all out on one, though. Let’s explore this topic a little further, and show you why a good company website design is essential for your online marketing strategy.

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Good Contractor Websites: Why Even Bother?

Whether you’ve been scraping by with a free Google site, made your own, or are currently working with another agency, there are valuable principles to understand about your website.

You must first understand the purpose behind website design for your construction business. It’s all about building trust with your customers, which inspires them to take action. It lets you cast a wider net to reach more people. We get eyeballs on your site, which generates more phone calls to your business.

Your website is the public face of your company.

It’s a nonstop, 24/7 selling machine! It can be your biggest asset, or it can be the reason someone looks elsewhere.

Through a great website (designed by us), you are building trust with your client, which significantly boosts your closing ratio and public audience.

According to a study done by Episever in 2017, 92% of people will check out your website even if they don’t plan on purchasing anything. What does that mean for you? Easy pickings! 

If you do what your competition isn’t, you’re competing in a different league, and your customers see that. A well-designed website becomes your primary lead source, leading to bigger and better jobs for your business.

What tends to happen is that contractors design one themselves and get upset that it “doesn’t work.” Then they get cynical about the process since it didn’t bring them any new jobs.

You HAVE to look at the broader picture and consider it an investment.

Digital marketing is the key to scaling your company and living a better lifestyle. Your online presence is how you are perceived, regardless of how well you did after the first sales call.

A poorly designed website is going to turn prospects off. Grammar mistakes, misspelled words, and other errors show that your company isn’t professional. Clients trust you to do their project, often for tens of thousands of dollars.

Please don’t give them any reason not to trust you. Without fail, they will scour the internet to learn everything they can about you before they write your first check. 

Contractor Website Design: What is it?

The website design process starts with a basic understanding of your unique value proposition. We take the time to understand your business and what makes you better than the other companies. This lets us design a website geared towards the value you provide in a much prettier way than a DIY website.

The first thing we start designing is your home page. This is where the bulk of the traffic is going to end up. We need to explain everything about your business, front and center. This lets customers learn a lot about your business in a very short time. From a good home page design, they understand how you work, why you’re a great company and the experiences other people have had with you. 

After designing a good home page, we add more bells and whistles to direct customers to where they want to go. Often, this includes links to other services that you offer. To better grasp what the pages contain, let’s talk about the most critical elements of good web design.

Critical Elements of Smart Contractor Website Design

The following are critical elements that you need to be thinking about for your contractor website design.

A clean and professional contractor website design shows that your company is professional. Visually appealing contractor websites convert at a much higher rate than others.

Our construction websites talk about what you’re really good at, which shows customers your expertise in the field.

A good website includes a comprehensive site structure that makes it easier to get found on Google. Search engines scan your website to determine how relevant the content is, which determines your ranking. We take the time to correctly title all headings, upload your sitemap to Google Search Console, and more. Learn more about SEO for contractors here!

We use a lot of buttons and forms to direct them to get in touch. This is an essential part of the design process as we need to be able to get their information.

A majority of people are going to look at your contractor website on their mobile devices. That’s why we make the design sleek and responsive. One study found that over 50% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices

We use reviews, testimonials, and other ways to show that you do a good job. This includes public sources like Google My Business, Facebook, and more!

We use Google Analytics to monitor the search traffic that comes to your website. This gives us insight into how many leads are coming in and general user behavior. We can also see how our strategies lead to more visits over time!

Maintaining a contractor website is critical. It’s not just a set-it-and-forget-it. We stay up-to-date on all plugins necessary to keep your site functioning well, including speed, SEO, downtime, and more!

Top 3 Pages to Have on Your Construction Company Site

Let’s dive into the best pages to have on your contractor website design. These are crucial pages for getting more website visitors to your construction company.

The Home Page

The highest priority page is your “Home” page. It’s where all the traffic goes and needs to be constantly optimized based on user behavior. Everything needs to be top-notch, from the header to the footer. Using good contrast and company colors will help further solidify your company branding, building more trust with your clients. 

The About Page

The next page we recommend is an “About” page. This is where you can go more in-depth with who you are and why you’re running this business. This page explains your core values and what makes you unique. It helps customers build a more personal connection with you, making them feel more confident that they’re dealing with professionals. Through powerful writing, we cast you in the most divine light possible, even if you have a checkered history. 

The Contact Page

The final page is the “Contact” page. This is where the visitor decides if they want to get in touch or not. We like to keep it simple so they don’t question whether or not you can handle their project.

Additional Pages for Your Construction Company Website

Now that you know the basics, let’s talk about the other pages that really help bring in leads.

Construction Services Page

The first kind of page we’ll talk about is the “Services” page. This is where your contracting company describes the services you offer. Generally, it’s good to give an overview of the work involved for each service and then describe your process. This helps you stand out from other construction companies and bring in quality leads.

Projects Page

Another great page to include is the “Projects” page. On this page, you can show off all the past projects you’ve worked on. By showing customers completed work, they see you as an industry professional!

Location Pages

This is a bit more advanced in terms of website design. The strategy behind location pages is that you’re expanding your service offering to more cities nearby. This leads to new business in the locations you’re targeting. Many location pages feature the same thing: a landing page, the city, top services, and a contact form. Once the search engine indexes this page, it can start to boost local ranking. Although this strategy is more geared towards search engine optimization, it does involve your company website design.

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