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About PPC

What is PPC Concrete Advertising?

PPC stands for pay-per-click advertising. It’s a form of marketing where you pay for the number of people that click on your ad.

Paid search advertising is a great way to generate leads quickly. With the right PPC ad campaign, you can flood yourself with leads!

It’s typically used when you want to acquire many potential clients at a low cost per click.

How PPC Ads Work?

This is typically done with Google Ads and Facebook Ads. We work with you to define your target audience, perform keyword research, narrow down demographics, and set an advertising budget. During the PPC campaign, we automatically bid on placements for your target keywords.
Once the ad is displayed, the user can choose to click on the advertisement. Then, they get redirected to your sales funnel.

Why PPC Ads Work?

PPC advertising campaigns work because we can split test and refine our strategy depending on the types of leads that you get after the campaign is over. Through custom landing pages, social proof, and more, we guarantee you’ll bring in at least 1 new project per campaign.
Once the ad is displayed, the user can choose to click on the advertisement. Then, they get redirected to your sales funnel.

Best Reasons to Use Concrete Advertising

It's quick!

Once you turn on your campaign, you’ll start to notice a steady stream of customers. We can monitor this traffic through Google Analytics and other tools to determine what sticks.

Reliable leads!

Since we can track everything about the advertising campaign, we can refine the messaging to generate more leads. It helps us eliminate the tire kickers and people who are wasting time.

It's lucrative!

Our clients get an extremely high return on ad spend (ROAS). With our proven SEO efforts and PPC management, we can generate a massive pool of prospective customers.

Ready to Get More Leads for Your Concrete Business?

James Levreau
James Levreau
Visionary Construction Group
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Contractor Copilot has been essential in growing my business. We initially hired them for a website remodel, but started using their other services. We got an ROI of over 265% without investing in paid ads. Their team genuinely invested in our success of our business. Thanks again, y'all!
Steve Patrick
Steve Patrick
Level The Playing Field
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Andrew with Contractor Copilot truly cares for his clients. With the strategies he recommended, we leveraged our network of contractors resulting in more revenue. They played a crucial role in rebuilding our website and integrating it into our email marketing campaigns. We're delighted with the growth of our company and excited to continue working with them!
Rex Bennett
Rex Bennett
Mission Electric
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With Contractor Copilot, we realized what we were missing in our online marketing strategy. Since then, we've been able to harness the power of Google My Business to generate more service calls for our business. Andrew has some cutting-edge strategies and since implementing them, we've seen an amazing transformation of our digital presence! I'm amazed at how this really works!
Deborah Baker
Deborah Baker
Contractor Pro Docs
Read More
Andrew with Contractor Copilot is one of the most responsive people I've ever worked with! He's quick to make updates to our site, and does so in a kind and polite way. He's very tech-savvy which is a huge asset to us. Their team always keeps a positive attitude and has been super helpful with anything support related. I can't say enough good things about them, keep on rockin' guys!
Armando Dominguez
Armando Dominguez
Top Shelf Handyman Services
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They have a real knack for graphic design. Quickly, they became my go-to for anything I needed for digital marketing. It's so easy to work with and get their work done in a very timely manner. They're fairly priced, very responsive, and I feel like they truly care about the success of my business. I can't say enough good things about Andrew with Contractor Copilot!
What we do

Advertising for Concrete Contractors

The bottom line, your construction business needs a good marketing strategy. With our company working with yours, we can help hit your future customers! Here’s exactly what we do to ensure we get more potential customers for your business.

Thorough Customer Research


We identify your target service, analyze customers’ profiles, and create compelling offers to encourage action. By leveraging past customer data, we position your company as an industry expert with a strong focus on trust-building in our advertising campaign.

Custom Landing Pages


PPC often wastes spending for construction companies due to directing all traffic to their homepage. Our solution: custom landing pages for better ROI, targeting, and action-oriented designs. Mobile-friendly pages showcase culture and feedback, with ongoing value extraction after customer action.

Engaging Content


We craft engaging content and powerful branding to understand your business goals. Our no-pressure call to action and effective content marketing help expand your customer base significantly, converting more customers than most digital marketing companies.

Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete Advertising

Contractors should use paid advertising to get new business fast. It brings in qualified traffic by using relevant content from happy customers.

Contractors advertise their services with a lot of tactics. Many frequently-used marketing strategies consist of using social media platforms for social media marketing, local SEO, and paid ads to drive new business.
The marketing budget you set for your PPC campaign depends on your business goals. It can vary significantly since it depends on the cost per click for the keyword you’re targeting. A reasonable marketing budget would be around $500 to $1,000 monthly if you’re just starting off. You can scale your marketing budget if you want to get more leads in the door.
One of the most common mistakes in PPC advertising for contractors is the failure to use custom landing pages. Since a lot of money is at risk, you must ensure you’re directing all that traffic to a page optimized for conversions.
There are a lot of other ways that contractors can advertise their services. Aside from search campaigns, contractors can market to past customers and ask for them to write reviews. Contractors can also market to existing customers through email marketing.

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